Monday, 29 January 2018

Exercises to Keep Knee Injuries at Bay

During the course of your life, the knees bear a brunt of the damage. Diagnosis of knee injuries tends to emerge at some point in our life. You walk, sit and run with your legs, so the knees are responsible in performing numerous activities.

In order to ensure that the important joints of your body are healthy, do focus on maintaining a healthy weight first. A pound of body weight does have considerable impact on the stress that is placed on your knee at a given point of time. Some moves need to be incorporated before the symptoms and signs of knee injuries tend to emerge.


All of you would have heard this before for sure. For your better health and wellness walking is one of the best forms of exercises. It is considered to be a cardiovascular exercise where less stress is provided on your joints. It is suggested that once you get older walk to be active. Start planning for a walkout routine even if it is 10 to 15 minutes stroll around your neighbourhood. It is pretty easy to get moving and accessible to all of us.

Leg lifts

The best way to have a healthy pair of knees is to ensure that the areas around the joint are being strengthened. It is going to reduce the stress and make you pain free. This form of exercise could be undertaken on a lift leg machine present at the gym, it can also be performed anywhere without the aid of weights. You should lie on the floor, and then the right leg should be kept on the floor and then the left foot needs to be raised off the floor as well. Your left leg is to be lowered and this exercise is to be performed on a repetitive basis.

Wall sits

Similar to a leg lift, this exercise strengthens the muscle group that is surrounding the knee joints. It ensures that it remains healthy over a period of time. In fact you can adjust the difficulty on how comfortable your knees are feeling on that given day. You should stand against a wall with the distance of the hip and knees apart. Try to come into a squat position and the lower you are going to sit, the more difficult it is going to become. Try this exercise for around 30 seconds till your muscles become fully fatigued.

Step ups

At some point of time once you age, the knee joint is going to become a tinge stiffer. It would mean that they would have to deal with the stress placed on them and chances of injury or pain increases all the more. A platform is to be set up and then both your feet are to be placed on it. The opposite foot is to be lowered and then return back to the platform. This has to be done 10 to 12 times and like the wall sits it can be adjusted as per your levels of difficulty.

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