Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Why Seek an HR Certification?

Thinking of earning an HR certification but still wondering about its significance?
With recent growth & changes in the business world, it has become quite beneficial to get a certificate in the field of HR on both organizational as well as a personal level. It’s true that earning an HR certification is optional in most circumstances, however, if you decide to get certified while you are already working in an organization, it can help you enhance your credibility & also of the company you are employed with. Furthermore, by supporting a certification in human resources, employers get an opportunity to attain higher levels of engagement and retention.

A recent report from the HRCI and the Top Employers Institute states that organizations that value HR certification outran the industry average by 14 % and the stock indexes in their respective countries by an average of 51 % over a period of five years.
Another study on a similar subject by the SHRM reported that HR professionals associated a personal ROI of 253 % to professional certification and the recognized value of professional certification increases proportionately with level of experience.
Keeping the studies and numbers aside, top HR certifications can be incredibly useful to deal with competition in the job market as you move forward in your career, especially in larger cities & enterprises where these certifications are regularly mentioned in the job postings as requirements for applicants.
Another obvious reason for adding a certificate in human resources to your resume is the monetary gain attached to it. According to research by Payscale, certified HR professionals make considerably more money than their uncertified counterparts. The difference might not be as big for people who are beginning with their HR career, but it can be a great move to be made by those who have been working in this field for a couple of years now. Also, HR professions who have certificates tend to receive more promotions and excel in their careers faster than their fellow colleagues.
As its been stated by Payscale, HR assistants who were certified were promoted nearly twice as often as those not certified. 63% of HR assistants with certification were promoted within 5 years, while only 34% of those without certification were promoted.
Moving forward with this topic, let us discuss about the best HR certifications that you can use to boost your career in human resources.
There are three groups that offer certification distinctively for HR that have been specified below.
HRCI: It offers certifications such as Professional in HR, Senior Professional in HR, Global Professional in HR, and the new Associate in HR. Each of these certificate courses have different qualification requirements.
TMI: It offers certifications such as Talent Management Practitioner (TMP™), Senior Talent Management Practitioner (STMP™) and Global Talent Management Leader ((GTML™).
SHRM: It offers the SHRM-CP for early and mid-career professionals, the SHRM-SCP for senior level professionals and also the SHRM certified professional certification for students.
Considering all the things that have been mentioned above, it has become clear that achieving an HR certification is definitely worth it as it has the power to expand your career opportunities to another level.

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