Sunday, 15 April 2018

Brief history behind joggers

Joggers also go by the names like “jogger pants” or “tapered sweatpants”. Joggers are one of the hottest and the most fashionable trends when it comes to casual men’s wear as per the industry experts. The jogger pants are characterized by the legs of the pants falling just above the ankle featuring elastic at the feet for ensuring topmost comfort and ease of wearing them. Unlike the ordinary sweatpants from the past, the jogger pants are an advanced version of fashionable clothing for men in the current high-couture lifestyle.

Quite contrary to the sweatpants, the primary role of the jogger pants is not limited to only when it comes to jogging or exercising. The jogger pants or joggers have evolved significantly from being mere pieces of sportswear or exercise clothing to high-end fashionable staples that men in the current era cannot do without! They have constantly risen to become hottest fashion trends in the men’s bottom wear category of clothing. As per the renowned fashion experts, joggers have not only become synonymous with sophisticated sneaker culture, but also have found its ways into the top-class fashion boutiques & brands. Several world-famous retailers are manufacturing and pushing the trend of wearing joggers as a major fashion statement.

Given the rising trend of wearing & showcasing designer joggers from the leading brands of the world, the question is “where did joggers come from?” Joggers are known to gain ample attention of the sneaker-heads looking forward to flaunting their classy sneakers & boots in utter fashion. Right from the advent of the basic sweatpants in the 1920s by Emile Camuset, the particular piece of bottom clothing has received major modifications in terms of design, pattern, style, fabric, and so more. There have been several variations to the sweatpants design that resulted into the evolution of the individual categories of jogger & athletic pants.

With the ever-growing impact of the most influential sneaker culture across the world right now, the current style of joggers became a neighborhood celebrity in no time. Still, even with the rising number of sneaker connoisseurs renouncing sweatpants, the fashion industry is booming with the sneaker-heads influencing the high fashion statement of the designer jogger pants. No matter which way you would like to style it, it is the demand for the utterly slim-fitting pants that tends to be fueling the immense popularity of the jogger pants in today’s era. At the current moment in the fashion industry, the reception of the joggers might be the right place, right time, and the right fashion for the fashion influencers. However, it is impossible to deny that jogger pants are usually bought by fashion enthusiasts who wish to show off the sneakers & innate fashion sense.

Every major clothing brand & fashion-oriented company from the immensely low-end to the super high-end fashion statement is creating stylish joggers at economical rates. For the jogger-lovers, this is a fashion trend that is not going anywhere & is here to last for quite some time in the fashion era. With the immense fascination of the global youth & fashion-enthusiasts with running sneakers, it is quite hard to not believe why these spectacular silhouettes have been paired with designer jogger pants. The stylish combination of the tight ankle fashion of the joggers coupled with a loud set of sneakers is modifying the way millennials dress up & connect with their individual style.

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