Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Customer Retention Strategies- Top 5 Ways To Keep Visitors On Your Ecommerce Site Longer

All thanks to the Internet, the e-commerce industry has been constantly growing. In this high-speed, technological-driven world, most of the e-commerce businesses have been altering their customer experience. Brands have started toting up unique facets on their site in order to convert potential leads into customers.

But in the midst of cut-throat competition, do you realise that above 70% of customers who abandon the site never come back?

As a business owner, your #1 objective must be to turn those visitors into potential customers. You cannot attain success if people do not stick around to check out your products and read the content.

It’s simple – the longer your visitors stay on the site, the more occupied they’re likely to be with your products and higher are the chances to convert them. So in this article, we’ll take you through the top 5 ways to get your customers to stay longer on your e-commerce site.

Create a Visually Engaging Website

We spend almost all of our time, efforts and money to develop a beautiful and effective (or as we might think) website! But what is it that you’d do when you discover visitors spend only a second or two on the page?

Most of the entrepreneurs believe that getting customers to stay longer on the site, particularly in on an e-commerce platform, is of utmost importance as customers take time to come up with a decision whether to purchase a product or no.

So, in order to keep them engaged, you must make use of short and snappy write-ups, and high quality images. Well, it’s better to make use of more images because visitors often prefer visuals over lengthy texts. You could ever use videos instead of texts to better convey your ideas.

Bear in mind, you must always avoid too many pages and links on your website, as it might baffle your customers!

Create A Strong First Impression

“First Impression is the Last Impression” all of you might have come across this phrase. Well, it plays a huge role when it comes to your website, because its appearance acts as a deciding factor for visitors – that is whether they’d spend some more time on the site or simply abandon it.

If you wish to lure customers with diverse preferences and various pockets, then you must present them with appropriate bifurcation of your products and services.

On second thoughts, an e-commerce platform exposes visitors to a wide array of products, therefore baffling them as with what to purchase. But, you can make the life your customers easy by providing them with a comparison facet that lets them recognise the right item they’d wish to buy.

Develop A Connect Between Brand Language And Store Design

An innate benefit of shopping online is customers can order anytime and from anywhere, as per their convenience. Every e-commerce owner must remember this and ensure that the essentials like smooth checkout process, website download speed and mobile friendliness are all at its best!

Your brands language and store design must develop connect with your customers to ensure they’re spending sufficient time on your site and are awed by the user experience.

Your potential leads are the ones who’ve spend the maximum amount of time on the website, added products in the cart, yet haven’t purchased it. In such cases, you can send across reminders on a frequent basis letting them know that they’re yet to make the final purchase.

Enhance The Site’s Navigation

There are a bunch of things every e-commerce business can do in order to customers better on their website. One of them is to make sure that they land on the right page!

There are higher possibilities of acquired customers to come from a specific social media platform by stumbling over a particular content. Here you need to make sure that the provided back-link is taking them to either a similar content or to its follow-up. It is vital to see to it that they aren’t being redirected to your homepage.

Add A Call-To-Action (CTA) At The End Of Every Article

Last but not the least, it is crucial to ask your customers to take immediate action. And, what better way than to do it just after they’re done reading the article!

Often, visitors leave the site once they’re got the required information they were searching for. Nonetheless, with a suitable CTA you tell them why they must stay longer on the website or get in touch with you through email.

But here the question is – are they really noticing your call-to-action? The issue with a stagnant CTA is most of the customers are likely to pay no heed to it!

The best possible way to fight it is by making use of a ‘slide-in’ or ‘opt-in’. A slide-in tends to grab attention without causing any disturbance. On the other hand, opt-in can effortlessly develop a slide-in opt-in at the bottom, which the visitors can see as they scroll down the page.

We hope this article has given you certain insights as to how you can get customers to stay longer on the website. Along with some due diligence and taking up these practices, you can surely lure back visitors who have abandoned the site and turn them into potential customers!

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