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The different phases of a Call Center Transition process

Call center transition is the process of transfer of knowledge, system and operating capabilities between an in-house facility and an outsourced facility. It is quite important, as the overall success of the outsourcing engagement is dependent on the efficiency of the transition process. Many businesses, who want to outsource their existing in-house contact center facility faces a lot of difficulties in doing so just because they don’t have a proper road map to execute the process.

There are also instances where companies looking for call center services encounter misplaced resources during transitions. And many business transitions fail due to reasons such as unrealistic price and terms, lack of preparation from the management, inappropriate exit strategy and poor timing. During a transition, a lot of people relieson the skills and strategies that worked for them in the past. That’s a mistake as there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Every business and their underlying projects and processes are unique.

The following section is a brief note on the different stages of a call center transition process

The planning phase

After a thorough evaluation of the complexity of the call center process, the number of processes to be migrated and the number of business proprietors across these processes, a project team is formed. Usually, this project team includes three major players such as a project lead, a process migration manager and business stakeholders including a technology expert.

Right from the project initiation to the final roll out, the whole transition is the responsibility of the project manager. The business stakeholders ensure the seamless availability of resources while the project leads will plan and track every activity and provide a project plan to the stakeholders.

The migration manager’s job is to facilitate a smooth transition process from the client contact center to the vendor contact center. In doing so he can take the help of domain experts whenever needed.

The objective of this phase is to create a thorough and detailed plan. This plan will include the name of every participant and at last will be signed-off by the stakeholders.

The acquisition phase

Many companies looking for call center services face difficulty during this process as it involves documentation and knowledge acquisition. Here, the migration manager will acquire the assistance of networking, documentation and system experts to recognize process details, guidelines as well as the inbound flows. These are then documented along with the reports and the Service level agreements(SLAs). It is also the responsibility of the project team to map people skills to each process so as to make sure that the right competencies are identified before the recruitment begins. The project team also has to ensure that all the required documents are duly signed-off by the client before the end of the acquisition phase.

The transfer phase

Here, in this phase, the functional managers will execute the various plans that were developed and signed-off in the earlier phases. And after that, the technology infrastructure will be deployed with a special provision for business continuity plan, if need be.

The infrastructure and the systems for the process will be tested on a pilot run against varied parameters. And all the team members will be required to clear a process knowledge evaluation test before going live.

The operational phase

Right after the transfer phase comes the operational phase, also known as the “Go Live” phase. After ensuring that all the pre-evaluated parameters are met, usually, a gradual ramp-up of the process starts. And by the end of the ramp-up, almost all the transactions are performed from the outsourcing facility itself. The performances of the contact center are closely monitored and the management information system(MIS) along with a detailed performance report is sent to the client.

The process team generally follows a task-oriented approach to ensure consistent performance and compliance in this phase.

Companies looking for call center services does not only emphasize on cost-reduction but also on value addition. They realize that customer information is equally important. The ultimate evaluation of the transition process is done by the customer itself. They are the one who will decide the success rate of the transition. Hence, it is important to conduct surveys and take their feedback into consideration to get the final verdict.

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