Sunday, 29 July 2018

Anyone can become a philanthropist!

Now, what is a philanthropist? As a definition philanthropist donates money, time and services like experience skill as a means to giving back to the community and its people. Almost a selfless act that not only benefits the person in need but also makes the person feel better. It doesn’t depend on the amount of money you give, or how much time you spend. It depends on your approach on how you do it, on how you give.

How to become one?

Clearly, you don’t need millions of dollars for it. How you go about doing it is by planning on how you are going to adjust whatever you are giving in this. Strategy is required undoubtedly. First would be the question of why you want to get into this, the reasons behind it. There are a lot of different types which you’ll have to decide on your own about what important to you. Which leads you to know what is out there to know and what can be good for you. Research as much as possible. These two steps go for everything in life, literally. Find out legit places where you can spend either your time or money in. Look for inspiration around for coming up with new ideas. You can volunteer or be an activist. Giving time to volunteering is also a great idea. You don’t have to do it alone, you can take help of friends and family. If you are giving your hard-earned money then you need to know where it is actually going.

If it still feels all too much to start with then break it down to your passions and pick any few causes you want to act for and do something about it. Don’t bankrupt yourself for a good cause. You can join other people for even bigger issues. This also reduces your stress overall and gives you a better physical health along with good connections with people and a satisfied soul.

Celebrities who are philanthropists

It’s not about only people with money can do it. It’s about you being inspired and know that if they can do it then so can you!

1- Demi Lovato- A singer, songwriter, author, philanthropist, and an actress. Demi starts young and even went through a rough path of going to rehab and was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Since then, she had a revelation and is now all about mental health awareness.

2- Matthew McConaughey- An actor, producer, model, writer, and philanthropist. Founded the Just Keep Living Foundation to help educate children about life.

3- Kerry Washington- An actress who is a board member of VDay, an organization who is against violence against women and is all about women rights.

4- TarikoBogale- Is an actor, entrepreneur, author, and a philanthropist. For a person who had a rough start and had to face poverty, is now a CEO of numerous companies and is all about inspiring people that nothing is impossible. Along with Founded and helped finance charities, which are Shoe 4 Child, Unearth Outreach and Startup Workshop.

5- Jami Gertz- Talk about shocking news, Jami and her Husband have given a lot of their wealth to charities, estimating almost $10,569,002.

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